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Gross Point Media has placed over $40 million worth of media inventory for its clients

Sample Radio Spot

This is a radio spot we produced and placed for our client, CAA North & East Ontario

Client Services

Media Procurement

We offer full management of your media planning, negotiating, buying and creative writing/production of all forms of media.  We focus on building and nurturing corporate and media relationships to ensure all  marketing campaigns produce efficient and better than anticipated ROI. 

Paid Public Service Announcements

The PSA Network is a fresh approach to how Canadians receive messages and take action on current issues, through Paid Public Service Announcements. The PSA Network changes the playing field by aligning corporate brands with non profit, charitable and cause related organizations to engage consumers.   

our media campaigns deliver the highest audience reach in the most cost efficient way



  • Full management from beginning to end: Media planning, negotiating, and buying, 
  • Creative writing and production of planned media including TV, Radio, Print and Out-of-Home,
  • Translation services for content in different jurisdictions, 
  • Work within your budget to extend your ad spend, 
  • Handle all interactions with media sales and suppliers, 
  • Reconcile and proof all media content, contracts and supplier invoices to ensure it all matches up, 
  • You'll receive just ONE invoice that covers all pieces of the campaign. 


  • Multiple phone/email enquiries from media reps,
  • Receiving, reconciling and proofing every piece of content and pricing to ensure correctness and consistency, 
  • Individual invoices and payments for each piece of every campaign (without always receiving the best rates),
  • Checking for contract discrepancies and trouble-shooting creative issues, often at the last minute,
  • Back-and-forth revisions with content writers, producers, and designers all while under a looming media deadline,
  • Tracking and measuring the results of each campaign.

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