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About Gross Point Media (GPM)

Founded in 2005 in Ottawa, ON Canada

Gross Point Media was founded to fill the gap between brands, causes and the media. A gap existed where organizations would often advertise on the wrong medium and/or end up paying too much, without the desired results. Media outlets offered a cookie cutter approach to these organizations, instead of customizing a media plan that fit the client's budget. Gross Point Media saw this gap and brought the expertise needed to fully manage client campaigns, on time & within budget.

Media Planning, Negotiating, Buying Services

We offer full management of your media planning, negotiating, buying and creative/production of all media options. We focus on building and nurturing corporate and media relationships to ensure all marketing campaigns produce efficient and better than anticipated ROI. Our goal is to attain the highest levels of Reach x Frequency in every campaign, to ensure the audience "TAKES ACTION" 

Paid Public Service Announcements

The PSA Network is a fresh approach to how Canadians receive messages and take action on current issues, through Paid Public Service Announcements. The PSA Network changes the playing field by aligning corporate brands with non profit, cause related organizations that will engage consumers. We work with causes, brands and the media to create winning campaigns across Canada.

GPM Management

Al Jones, Media Buyer

Al is an advertising executive who brings over 30 years of media buying and advertising expertise to Canada's business community. Having seen the results of efficiently planned media buys over the years, he knows that those unfamiliar with the full media landscape and pricing models aren't fully maximizing their advertising budgets. His mission is to uncover his client's greatest assets and challenges to help them achieve stronger brand equity and returns on their investment. 

Al has four adult daughters (who he passed on his entrepreneurial spirit to) and lives just outside of Ottawa with his wife and business partner Janet. He enjoys relaxing on the dock with a Caeser and playing golf, but only on days that end in 'Y'!

Janet Jones, Finance

Janet is a numbers person who brings over 20 years of working in Canadian banks and small businesses to ensure accounts receivable, accounts payable and financials all line up and run seamlessly. A pro at maintaining strong working relationships, she ensures media partners are paid on time and clients are happy upon receiving an invoice. Her mission is to maintain a healthy balance between work, personal, physical & spiritual to achieve the best results.

Janet passed on her intuition and strong-minded spirit to their four daughters. She enjoys paddle-boarding, coffee on the dock with friends and plans to travel the world in the years to come.   

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