The PSA NETWORK: A Win-Win-Win formula for brands, causes + media

The Public Service Announcement (PSA) Network


For decades, non-profit, charitable & cause related organizations have relied heavily on free media commercial inventory to communicate their message. The results have been limited or non-existent. 

The PSA Network aims to fix that.  All on-air commercial inventory used for our PSA programs rely on substantially lower media rates, which is passed on to our partners.  


 The obstacle starts with the infinite number of requests media outlets receive on a regular basis, which results in a backlog of worthy causes that receive little to no exposure.   

Public service announcements need to engage, inspire and motivate action. We know that to communicate effectively, messages need to be relevant, timely and demand action from the audience.


The PSA Network changes the playing field, by aligning corporate brands with non profit, cause related organizations that will motivate & engage consumers.  


The PSA Network provides the means, power and media connections to promote action. The aim is to have your brand top of mind with a local and/or national audience on issues they care about. 

The PSA Network 5-Step Process


Your Non-Profit or Cause Related Organization comes to us with the message you want promoted and we define the scope of the project. IE: target audience, creative message and outcomes desired. Example: general awareness, public education, fund raising, social change   


We mutually agree on your target market for the message, including demographic, psychographics, geo-targeting, seasonality and budget. This works to create the call-to-action: will you direct the audience to a website, phone number, or location?  


PSA Network plays match-maker with non-profits, corporate partners, gov't agencies and media, to create winning solutions that benefits all parties. The marketing plan ensures that objectives are met and on budget.  


We negotiate media inventory with preferred suppliers to get the maximum exposure for the PSA campaign. We build the campaign around the right creative message for the desired target audience, with an appropriate CALL-TO-ACTION. All media space/airtime inventory used in our PSA campaigns depend on aggressive rate negotiations, which we pass on to clients.   


  • The non profit organization benefits from increased public awareness and action. 
  • Corporate Sponsors &  Gov't agencies benefit from strong messaging that aligns with causes that matter to Canadians.
  • The media benefits from recouping revenue from unsold inventory 
  • Canadians win by being encouraged to take action on issues that affect their lives, 


PSA Network campaigns run for a pre-determined time-frame, which is dependent on overall budget. The campaign length ensures our partner's message attains a pre-determined level of Reach & Frequency. Additionally, in-studio interviews, discussing the campaigns message will be scheduled upon request.   

Media Planning & Procurement Services

Advertising Advisory

GPM starts the process with every client by listening to where you're at, what you've done and where you're planning to go next. Our media buys ensure all advertising campaigns produce efficient and better than anticipated ROI. 

Media Planning

Once we've discussed your campaign goals the GPM planning process begins. We look at the brand guidelines and budget to determine the timeline of where and when ads will be placed.  

Rate Negotiation

GPM has worked with the media for over 2 decades, negotiating and placing over $40 million worth of media inventory. We help our clients navigate the media landscape, select the best options available and negotiate rates, based on our proven formula.

Procurement & Placement

GPM builds ad programs around seasonality, demographics, income level and media listening/viewing habits. Your target market informs us on where ads should be placed, when, and how often. We then procure the media options that will reach your target audience with the appropriate frequency levels.

Creative Ad Production

GPM has produced everything from TV commercials, 30 + 60 second radio spots, newspaper + magazine print ads, large-format bus wraps, outdoor billboards, bus shelters, bench ads and smaller scale newsletter ads. We'll position your message so that consumers see and hear it enough to remember and take action.

Scripts, Copy & Translation

It's an art to get your TV or radio script to fit into 30" or 60" and to ensure the message flows into and not irritates the listeners head space. This means the right voice-over read at the right speed. When your message needs to be offered in French, we're set up to get this translated seamlessly, so the message achieves the same results.